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My Story


Originally from Southern California and having lived for a brief period of time in the beautiful countries of Portugal and Cape Verde, I now live in the far-away land of Orem, Utah with my wife and our four children.  

When I was young, I actually wanted to be an architect and design mansions with secret pathways and rooms, but alas, my Lego set didn’t have enough pieces to even finish a shed. So, rather bored one summer day, I stumbled across a magical world, full of excitement and wonder.

That world … was found within a book.

And with each turn of the page, my imagination took me on thrilling adventures to places I never knew could exist while meeting characters I wished to meet in person.


Sleep did not matter nor did the sprinkled donuts that awaited me as I sat on the couch reading.


Looking back, it was a summer I'll never forget because it had changed me. It had inspired me. And it planted a seed within me that has led me to becoming an author today.

I know the power that lies within the delicate pages of a book. It has the ability to broaden a child’s imagination, instill confidence within them, and build up their courage, all while taking them on unforgettable adventures!

May each of you enjoy my books as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them!

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